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8000 UK Drivers caught every WEEK using mobile phones

More and more drivers are being caught using their mobile phones each week, a new study has found. The new campaign put forward by the police has been welcomed with open arms by Brake, the road safety charity. The study, by Brake and Direct Line, revealed that

Free revision tools for your Theory Test

Learning to drive can be an extremely daunting process. However, we’ve compiled a list of all the best ways to prepare and revise for your Theory test. The theory test makes up one part of your driving test, and includes the hazard perception test. The second part is

Cyclists are taking back the roads, thanks to Go Pro

Cyclists throughout the UK are still to this day victims of abuse from cars on the roads, sometimes even by pedestrians who are passing by. Dave Sherry from Harlow in Essex, became a victim of this abuse in the early hours last Wednesday. Around 3.15am, Sherry was

Should the Tax Disc make a comeback?

The original paper tax disc was scrapped back in October 2014. It was replaced with a new online system that was created for a quick and easy way to pay vehicle tax for road users. However, has it really turned out that way? Since its implementation, the

Self Driving Cars: When Robots Take Over

Self driving cars have become a thing of the present. For years self driving automobiles have been futuristic interpretations by American film makers. However they are becoming more and more of a reality, with Uber and Google taking steps to getting driverless cars on the roads by

Learning to Drive: Then Ins and Outs

Learning to drive can be a daunting process for anyone of any age. If you’re struggling with how to go about learning to drive, have no fear! We’ve made you a handy guide for when it comes to purchasing your provisional driving license, finding a driving school

Lost license of Tamworth Man

Sidney Lliffe, 56, moved to Tamworth at the start of the year, but has since lost his license and could face prosecution from the DVLA. Since moving to the town in Staffordshire, Sidney sent off his license to the DVLA to change the address on it. However,

Government Loses £223m After Scrapping Tax Discs

The UK Government has lost £223m in the 6 months following the change from paper tax discs to online tax. Paper tax discs were first issued in 1921 and replaced in October 2014 by an online service, in which UK tax payers could keep up to date

Banned Drivers – 8593 Road Users Should be Banned

The figure comes from the DVLA this week in a bid for local authorities to crack down on dangerous drivers still on the road, despite being over the point limit on their license. The figures show that all should-be banned drivers have more than the permitted number

New Digital Driving License Prototype

Plastic driving licenses could soon be a thing of the past according to Oliver Morley, the Chief Executive of the DVLA. Morley posted a cryptic tweet last week, alluding to a new license system, which could be entirely digital. The licence would be stored in the Apple Wallet