Banned Drivers – 8593 Road Users Should be Banned

banned driversThe figure comes from the DVLA this week in a bid for local authorities to crack down on dangerous drivers still on the road, despite being over the point limit on their license.

The figures show that all should-be banned drivers have more than the permitted number of penalty points on their driving licenses. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as driving whilst intoxicated and driving recklessly. Any driver with 12 or more points is automatically banned under the DVLA system. However, local authorities can dismiss this ban if if were to interfere with the families of the person receiving the ban. For example, if kids needed to be driven to school or they had an elderly family member who needed assistance. This would also be waived if the individual was a primary carer, and needed the vehicle to drive long distances.

Many road safety campaigns are speaking out about the mass number of unsafe drivers on the road, saying that other road users are in a lot of danger. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents chief Kevin Clinton stated in response this, saying that the penalty system was put in place for a reason – and that it should be absolute. Dangerous driving puts a great risk on other road users, and he believes that users should be regularly re-tested to sharpen their driving. Sarah Jane Martin from Brake UK, another campaign for safe roads, believes that 12 points should mean a ban – no matter what your circumstance. She went to talk about how reckless drivers who consistently flouted the law should not still be driving.

One individual in the DVLA database has 51 points on their license, and Birmingham has the highest number of drivers over their penalty notice. The DVLA are hoping to crack down on this number in the next few years, stating that sometimes people slip through the cracks – but they plan on keeping tighter grips on those trying to get out of a driving ban, by working on their guidelines for courts to use with cases to do with licence points.

Hopefully in the coming years we’ll see a decline in the number of unsafe drivers on the road, with the DVLA cracking down on those with an unfair amount of points left on their licence. 12 is the number of points you can have on your licence before receiving a ban, and this number should be the absolute maximum.