Cyclists are taking back the roads, thanks to Go Pro

cyclists are taking back the roadsCyclists throughout the UK are still to this day victims of abuse from cars on the roads, sometimes even by pedestrians who are passing by.

Dave Sherry from Harlow in Essex, became a victim of this abuse in the early hours last Wednesday. Around 3.15am, Sherry was cycling home, when a silver Volkswagen speeds past him, throwing rubbish and verbal abuse. Sherry claims that one of the men throws a sharp object at him, most likely a nail. He’s also called a “f****ng white boy”.

Sherry has since reported the incident to the police, however, no one has been arrested yet. The key evidence that he gave to the police was his Go Pro headset. Go Pro is a term given to a camera that can be used to record videos in high definition. A lot of adventure and thrill seekers use Go Pros to record their experiences. However many cyclists are starting to don them in their helmets or bodies when they’re on the road.

Sherry has previously captured a bus driver texting whilst driving passengers, leading to a 3 points on his license and a fine.

He isn’t the only one with the revolutionary technology either. An unnamed cyclist filmed himself getting knocked off of his bike in April by a man trying to overtake him. He then proceeded to get out of the car and shout abuse at the cyclist, who at this point was lying on the floor with a broken leg. The footage, which the cyclist submitted to the police as evidence, shows the whole ordeal. However, the driver only received a warning, and had to attend an awareness course. The cyclist, who wishes to remain unnamed, stated that the whole process took too long, and that he felt wronged by the justice system in place- “my leg took longer to heal than the driver’s punishment, this is grossly unjust”.

There is an increasing number of Go Pros being used in cases against drivers from cyclists. In March 2016, a 52 year old man was jailed for 2 years and awarded 6 points on his license for a hit and run on a cyclist, who just so happened to capture the whole thing from his two on-board cameras. After giving the license plates in to the police, the man was caught within a week.

There are still hundreds of cases and complaints each month of cyclists on the roads and the call for more bike lanes.

No plans have been put forward by the government to improve the state of the UK roads. Despite the complaints, the DVLA has yet to comment of the issue of cycle lanes in rural areas, despite the submission of a petition with over 1000 signatures on it.