Free revision tools for your Theory Test

Free revision tools for your Theory TestLearning to drive can be an extremely daunting process. However, we’ve compiled a list of all the best ways to prepare and revise for your Theory test.

The theory test makes up one part of your driving test, and includes the hazard perception test. The second part is your practical test, which you prepare for with your instructor. It’s easier to get the theory test out of the way when learning to drive, as once you have passed, you can focus on your practical driving skills with your instructor. Revising for your Theory test can be fun and easy, if you know how. You can do it on your own before you even have to put your foot on a pedal.

Preparing yourself

Free revision tools for your Theory TestWhen revising for your theory test, know exactly your plan of action. Familiarize yourself with the building which houses the theory test and set a date in which you wish to set the test. Having a date in mind gives you an idea of how long you have to revise before you take the test. You also need to make sure you have a provisional license that’s up to date and ready to take with you on the day of your test, as you can’t sit the test without one.

Setting a revision timetable is also a great idea before taking your theory, as it ensures that you will revise on a set day at a set time.

Free revision tools for your Theory Test

When revising for your theory test, there are many free tools online that can help you on your way. There are also booklets and dvd’s that you can buy, however, below is a list of free revision tools online that can help with theory test revision.

Driving Theory Test

This website offers free online theory and hazard perception tests. The site also offers help with revising road signs and helps with questions you get wrong along the way.

Top Tests

This site offers DVLA-specific tests that are very similar to those you’ll find on your theory test. The site will also go through questions you have failed and explain why you’ve failed them. As well as this, it remembers your progress through your IP address, and will remember which tests you’ve sat and passed for future reference. You also have a memory bank on this site, filled with past questions you’ve failed, which you can look over.

Safe Driving for Life 

Safe Driving for Life is used by the DVLA to help drivers practice tests after they’ve officially booked their driving theory test through the government website. These questions are the exact questions that could appear in your theory test, and is the most recommended site for revision. This site also offer the opportunity for you to buy other methods of revision.

Government Site

This site takes you to the above link, and can be used for revision on motorbikes as well.

The Highway Code

When revising for your theory test, it’s important to also read the highway code. This link will take you to the government site with all of the information on the Highway Code. Alternatively, you can buy a copy of the Highway Code on different sites including Amazon and eBay.

Booking your theory test

Free revision tools for your Theory TestWhen booking your theory test, be weary of scam sites on the internet that offer a cheaper deal. You should never pay more or less than £23 when learning to drive a car. The easiest way to book your test is through the government website. You’ll need your provisional licence, a credit or debit card, and information on yourself and when you’d like the sit the test. You can book your test here.

Once you’ve passed your test

Once you’ve booked your test, you can turn up on the date and time of your booked test and complete it. There are lockers at most test centres, as you’re not allowed to take any items or belongings into the room with you. You’ll be sat at your own desk and asked to follow the instructions on the computer screen in front of you. You’re given an hour to complete the test and hazard perception. Once you have completed your theory and hazard perception test, you can focus on your practical driving and passing your driving test. With the theory test out of the way, you’ll find that you can be more focused on the task at hand. Good luck!