Lost license of Tamworth Man

DVLA loses licenseSidney Lliffe, 56, moved to Tamworth at the start of the year, but has since lost his license and could face prosecution from the DVLA.

Since moving to the town in Staffordshire, Sidney sent off his license to the DVLA to change the address on it. However, the DVLA sent Sidney a green license instead of his pink one, meaning that he is now technically a learner driver again. He wrote to the DVLA, who had told him to provide proof that he had a pink license, which proves that he has been a licensed driver. However, Sidney had become homeless years before the incident, which meant that he had lost a lot of important paperwork.

Sydney had previously worked as a police driver elsewhere in the country – however the station he worked at deletes personnel information every seven years. Therefore Sidney can obtain no proof of his pink license ever being in existence – meaning that until he can, he will have to drive accompanied and with L plates on his vehicle. When asked to comment, Sidney stated that he found the situation ridiculous, and that he passed his test 40 years ago.

The DVLA have stated that they will be happy to change his license once he finds documentation of him passing his test. Sidney replied to this saying that they had changed his license 7 times since his passing of his driving test, and that they should have this on record.

Sidney has since lost his job because he is unable to drive alone, and since his wife is classed as disabled, she no longer has a carer that can drive her to see her family. It doesn’t stop there either. Sidney had to sell his motorbike due to losing his motorbike license, along with his old car due to high insurance premiums. He has since bought a much smaller car, which he has donned with L plates in order to drive it safely on the roads.

In order to rectify the situation and stop it from escalating any further, Sydney has written to his local MP Christopher Pincher. Pincher has since replied, stating that he has investigated further into the matter. Contacting Transport Minister Lord Ahmed, Pincher has stated that the issue will be given to the DVLA and investigated by them. However, a solution does not look like it will come soon enough for Sydney, who in the mean time is looking into booking his theory and practical tests soon.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened concerning mix ups and the DVLA. One woman who sent off for a provisional license was sent a pink one instead, entitling her to drive on the roads from the get go, despite having no lessons or any theory knowledge! Either way, the DVLA has some serious rethinking to do if it wishes to please the UK public as well as keeping a sturdy name and the UK road authority. You can see more of Sydney’s story below. Copyright goes to SWNS TV: