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Government Loses £223m After Scrapping Tax Discs

The UK Government has lost £223m in the 6 months following the change from paper tax discs to online tax. Paper tax discs were first issued in 1921 and replaced in October 2014 by an online service, in which UK tax payers could keep up to date

New Digital Driving License Prototype

Plastic driving licenses could soon be a thing of the past according to Oliver Morley, the Chief Executive of the DVLA. Morley posted a cryptic tweet last week, alluding to a new license system, which could be entirely digital. The licence would be stored in the Apple Wallet

UK Motorists Fined For Journeys They Didn’t Make

Thousands of UK motorists have been incorrectly charged with fines in London over the last few years. This is due to the replacement of toll booths with automated camera systems on the Dartford Crossing in East London. The replacement was made back in 2014, and has so

Crash In France Highlights The Dangers Of Driving While Tired

A crash in France may have been caused by the drivers lack of sleep. The driver was a British father who was taking his two young children abroad and during the holiday they suffered a fatal crash that resulted in all three of them being killed. French accident

Workers Do Their Bit For Charity

Two DVLA employees have announced their own version of the London Marathon in a bid to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. When it comes to putting in the extra effort and the miles for charity, James Carrieri and Stephen Mabe have really gone the extra yard. By

University Graduate Falsified Details To Avoid Speeding Fine

A university graduate has found herself jailed after she tried to dodge a speeding fine by paying for a “legal expert” to give false details to the police. West Midlands Police have said that Ayesha Ahmed, who had completed a degree in international relations and politics, has

Graduated Driving Licence: Unfair For Young Drivers?

Research by the Co Operative Insurance has found that over a third of young drivers don’t think that the current practical driving test fully prepares them for the roads. The report that the company has produced is called ‘Young People in the Driving Seat’ and has been

The Battle Of Buzz Lightyear And The DVLA

A 27 year old man from Devon has won a year long battle with the DVLA this week. The man, birth name Sam Stephens, had been in the legal battle with the DVLA for wanting to change his name to Buzz Lightyear since 2015. Buzz, an electrical wholesale

Mix Up Leaves Motorist Driving Illegally For Three Weeks

A motorist is now calling for an apology to be made by the Government body, following a mix up that has resulted in him being left driving illegally for three weeks. Peter Simmonds, from Blackpool, has voiced his concern about how many other people have been in

Making £150,000 A Week By Selling Drivers Details

It is claimed that the DVLA are making more than £150,000 per week by selling data relating to drivers to private parking firms, according to new figures that have been revealed. Over the course of the last year, the government run agency is said to have made