Website Struggles With Hire Car Rules

Motorists who were attempting to access a new system for hiring a car experienced issues with the DVLA website. A number of people said that the system was not working correctly, whilst several car hire firms said that there were heavy queues.

The changes involved the abolition of the paper counterpart and mean that when hiring a car, motorists may have to produce a temporary code as evidence of their convictions, rather than having them listed on paper. The DVLA said that they had been working on the new system ‘for months.’

Motorists are being asked to log into the DVLA website and obtain a code which they may need to use when they hire a car. However, the code is only valid for three days, which raises the probability that those going on holiday may need to find internet access whilst abroad. Several customers complained to media at the time that they had been struggling to access the website and one car hire firm in Bristol said that they had a queue of 20 people waiting as staff struggled to obtain their details online.

The RAC had previously warned that many drivers were unaware of the new rules, with a recent survey indicating that 73% of drivers didn’t know that they had to produce a code when hiring a car. The AA has advised drivers to take their paper counterpart with them, even though they are no longer valid.

If you have any questions about the code, call the DVLA contact number.