Workers Do Their Bit For Charity

shutterstock_236585821Two DVLA employees have announced their own version of the London Marathon in a bid to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

When it comes to putting in the extra effort and the miles for charity, James Carrieri and Stephen Mabe have really gone the extra yard. By completing their version of the London Marathon with a twist, the pair are set to run 26 miles and 385 yards on June 3rd.



They are set to take in the well known landmarks of London on the route and they will be beaming their efforts live back to the DVLA headquarters in Swansea. They have said that their training is going well and they have got numerous other athletic achievements behind them.

Back in 2013, they both raised more than £1,000 for Comic Relief by completing a triathlon of 36 miles at the DVLA. The year after, they did a 14 hour continuous spin cycle that resulted in £700 being raised for Children in Need and just last year they ran another marathon of 50 laps around their workplace based in Morriston to raise £2,233 for Latch, the Welsh children’s cancer charity.

Now they are going down to London to do their own version of the London Marathon. James said “Our route won’t be the traditional ‘London Marathon’ route but instead our own route,” said James. “We aim to pass or stop at well known landmarks along the way, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Hyde Park and other places.”

He added “We are going to be wearing a GoPro camera in which our run will be filmed and beamed back live to DVLA so they can live track us via Periscope/Twitter. This will then be used internally for staff at the DVLA to track our movements and to make sure we are actually running the marathon! But we are also hoping to put a spin on it and have a competition as to ‘where we will finish’ with some prizes. We have kept our finishing point a secret for the time being. We do have a plan in place and are hoping we can pull it off.”

Both of them are covering the costs of their hotel and travelling so that every penny raised can go towards the Alzheimer’s Society.

James went on to say “This is all for a fabulous charity, so we are now really excited and looking forward to it,” said James. “We chose London as we wanted to do something completely different and challenging, something that would really push us out of our comfort zone. The tougher it is, the harder we push.”

Both of them are very grateful for all and every donation they received, including those towards the raffle that will be held in the run-up to their run.

James said that their training is going very well, with them both clocking up their mileage on a daily basis. He said “I am training three to four times a day, before work at around 4.30am each morning, on my lunch break, running after work and on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I go boxing each evening. The training is six days a week. It is very intense and hard work but this is something we feel very passionate about and each event we hold each year we take very seriously. We really push our bodies to the limit to try and gain people’s attention so they recognise how hard we are trying for the chosen charity in hope they will sponsor us.”